Mortgage note investing made simple.

The Note Assistance Program was created with the individual note investor In mind. The firm assists SDIRA owners and novice note investors with the sourcing, due diligence, acquisition, boarding and exit strategies of 1 st position note investing. Novice investors get assistance throughout the life of the note, for a one-time fee, allowing them to save 10’s of thousands of dollars on gurus, tapes, CDs, and courses. The hands-on, no holds barred experience has won acclaims by some of the industries top professionals and caught the eye of main street investors by providing retainable education.

Our Vision

NAP was treated to educate and coach entrepreneurs on how to buy non-performing mortgages, from big banks and hedge funds, and turn them into a working asset. Once trained, our trade desk features an inventory or pre-qualified, delinquent loans nationwide, ready for purchase.