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Build your empire with mortgage note investing.

We’re here to create independent, competent, integrity riddled note investors one entrepreneur at a time. We believe the best way to get traction in any field is by doing. Our assistance program is here to build the confidence many note investors are lacking and to offer protection to our fellow note investors who prefer to avoid all ‘grey’ areas that come along with note buying and SDIRA investments.

Feb 23

Meet us in-person at our next event.

You asked, we are bringing this one-of-a-kind event back to California! In this 2-day intensive workshop you'll participate in our hands-on training designed to propel you into the world of successful note investing.

Be the bank. Start buying notes at wholesale prices.

NAP provides both guidance and access to deeply discounted mortgages being sold by banks, private equity firms, and other investors.

Note Investing E‑course

Our exclusive notes training course will walk you through the process. Giving you an inside look at the risks and rewards of note investing.

Finally, a system that works.

We have a proprietary, proven system that is transparent, uncomplicated and replicable. In addition, we don't just tell you how to do this, we show you and guide you step by step to success through the life lone.

Jasmine WilloisFounder
Competitive Returns

Notes beat savings accounts, checking accounts, money markets, CDs, stock market, REITs, mutual funds etc hands down especially when compared after expenses and over 2 , 3 and 5 year calculations. Come experience 1st hand why there is a bank on every corner.

Get Out of the Rat Race

Looking for an investment opportunity that can truly one day replace your salaried income? This is the place for you. Note investing provides that unique opportunity for most entrepreneurs to find that place of comfort.

Truly Positive Cash Flow

Many investments out there boast about cash flow, but is it consistent? Is it positive? That is the question. Whether you are buying performing 1st or non performing 1st from our trade desk, seasoned investors will tell you your cash flow opportunity is real and sustainable.

Real Inventory

Running around at night like a bandit competing in the bandit sign wars? Are you buyer number 8 of 15 in an all-out bidding war for an asset to flip? Stop that now, with over 13.5M homeowners in the United States with N.O.D.s we there is inventory for everyone, everywhere!

Not Time Heavy

Not looking to replace your job with another J.O.B? Our method of success combined with our trusted resources make note investing a breath of fresh air for most real estate investors. No bandit signs, no weekends driving through random neighborhoods, no studying course materials for expert level knowledge. This is the right place for those looking to work smarter not harder.

Fairly Priced Assets

Our trade desk offers the fairest pricing in the industry. You negotiate directly with the seller and pay us our already agreed upon trade desk fees. Being direct has never been so EASY! All the vetting has been done for you. We have long standing relationships with our sellers, some over 5+ years, and our members benefit from that both in pricing and negotiating.

Complete Education

Full nuts and bolts of successful note investing is provided. We pull no punches. Many leave a few ingredients out the recipe for note success, not here. We provide checklist, resources, our black book and more. You will be given all the tools needed to succeed, on your own. No mouse traps here.

Resources and Community

One of a kind membership that prides itself on helping one another, collaborating on out of state deals and JV within the community to tackle all opportunities.

Mike H.
I can get all this education. But no one else could show me where a deal was!Mike H.
Charles B.
I've worked with Jasmine for over 5 years. I've found her to be knowledgeable and serious about making money for her clients. She won't hesitate to put clients interests ahead of her own agendas. Charles B.
Araceli T.
The NAP program has become the best investment in my education that has produced tangible results and real investment opportunities in my time line.Araceli T.
Bert B.
If your ready to start a new career but have fears, let " THE N.A.P " guide you thru the steps.Bert B.
Carrie S.
This group has a vibe and feel like no other, if trustworthiness and action are at the top of your list as an investor, look no further! Carrie S.
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