Build your empire with mortgage note investing.

Don’t settle for investments that tie up your capital without offering significant returns. Non-performing notes enable you to buy in at a fraction of market value and increase your potential upside by margins that will make your banker blush.

Get out of the rat race for good.

Looking for an investment opportunity that can truly one day replace your salaried income? This is the place for you. Note investing provides that unique opportunity for most entrepreneurs to find that place of comfort.

Truly positive cash flow.

Many investments out there boast about cash flow, but is it consistent? Is it positive? That is the question. Whether you are buying performing 1st or non-performing 1st from our trade desk, seasoned investors will tell you your cash flow opportunity is real and sustainable.

Less time. More money.

Not looking to replace your job with another J.O.B? We understand our method of success combined with our trusted resources make note investing a breath of fresh air for most real estate investors. No bandit signs, no weekends driving through random neighborhoods, no studying course materials for expert level knowledge. This is the right place for those looking to work smarter not harder.

A proven system.

Our system is transparent, uncomplicated and replicable. In addition, we don’t just tell you how to do this, we show you and guide you step by step to success through the life of the loan. Then on the back end on we have a trading desk where the independent note buyer who is part of our client community can source qualified product.

Avoid overly expensive education

Most real estate investment classes have price tags ranging from 16k to 45k. Many of our clients have spent over 75k looking for the program that would get to the point. Lots of flash, books, CDs, and materials that ultimately have tons of feel-good qualities but no stickability. We specialize in actionable knowledge, truly hands-on, intensive training that you retain, for a fraction of the cost.

Complete and comprehensive training

Full nuts and bolts of successful note investing is provided. We pull no punches. Many leave a few ingredients out the recipe for note success, not here. We provide a checklist, resources, our black book and more. You will be given all the tools needed to succeed, on your own. No mouse traps here.

Competitive Returns

1st trust deeds, privately held mortgage notes, contract for deeds, and land contracts all present unique opportunities to invest in real estate in unconventional ways and achieve unconventional returns! They beat savings accounts, checking accounts, money markets, CDs, stock market, REITs, mutual funds, even SPDRs, when compared after expenses and over 2, 3, and 5-year calculations. Come learn the secrets 1st hand on why there is a bank on every corner.

Resources and Community

One of a kind membership that prides itself on helping one another, collaborating on out of state deals and JV within the community to tackle all opportunities.

Don’t wait another day. Let us help you achieve your financial dreams!

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