Making the most of your investments.

I am very glad to welcome current and prospective note investors to our blog. Our goal with the first issue is to encourage fluid conversations with our readers and members by candidly introducing ourselves to you. Throughout my career I have found much of the narrative on non-performing notes to be outdated, incomplete, or just straight dry and hard to grasp. You will be exposed to the shortcomings and successes of note investing as we build a sustainable community that can collectively achieve the financial goals of its individuals. Awareness and preparedness is at the very heart of The Note Assistance Program’s mission. We plan to share our great learning experiences, industry vernacular, resources, and events (online, live, and current).

In an age of uncertainty it’s more important than ever to take control of your investments AND be familiar with the investment vehicles you use. Non-performing notes remain an attractive opportunity because the inventory is plentiful, risk can be mitigated, and returns can be healthy. While non-performing notes are not for everyone, we do believe they are best suited for investors with long term horizons and flexible outcomes. The Note Assistance Program is situated to help those of you who are suited for the business by making inventory readily available, providing a secure place for the transaction, and having expert advice readily available.

The Note Assistance Program is devoted to the advancement of our member’s financial goals and we will achieve that with the dissemination of accurate and relevant information about the secondary mortgage space.

We welcome you to join us through our growing pains and achievements as we expand to new states, counties, and cities throughout AMERICA! We aim to STRENGTHEN our Trade Desk and memberships with valued relationships.

If you are looking for the short cut to note investing you are at the wrong place, however, if you are looking for serious eye opening discussions on how you can earn higher returns, mitigate your risk, and take more personal control of your financial future, stick around. We look forward to meeting many of you this up and coming year at some of the local REIA groups and annual expos we regularly attend .

I am energized by all the opportunities that lie ahead and am more confident than ever that the members of this program are equipped to be successful with a community that inspires!

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you!

Happy Hunting,
Jasmine Willois