Finally, a system that works.

I have a proven proprietary system I created to educate and coach entrepreneurs and family offices on how to buy non-performing mortgages from big banks and hedge funds. The system successfully trains them how to turn them into working assets. We also have a trade desk that delivers 100’s of Millions in delinquent loans nationwide to our community of clients.

Truly positive cash flow.

Many investments out there boast about cash flow, but is it consistent? Is it positive? That is the question. Whether you are buying performing 1st or non-performing 1st from our trade desk, seasoned investors will tell you your cash flow opportunity is real and sustainable.

Less time. More money.

Not looking to replace your job with another J.O.B? We understand our method of success combined with our trusted resources make note investing a breath of fresh air for most real estate investors. No bandit signs, no weekends driving through random neighborhoods, no studying course materials for expert level knowledge. This is the right place for those looking to work smarter not harder.

A proven system.

Our system is transparent, uncomplicated and repeatable. In addition, we don’t just tell you how to do this, we show you and guide you step by step to success through the life of the loan. Then on the back end on we have a trading desk where the independent note buyer who is part of our client community can source qualified product.