Season 1 – Episode 11- Mortgage Note Lab (MNL)

Mortgage Note Lab © (MNL) the industry’s most sought after mortgage note training event is thoroughly dissected on this episode of NAKED NOTES ©, as the ladies interview a serial attendee and Note Assistance Program(™) Hands-on graduate. Eavesdrop on a fun conversation with Jasmine and Natosha as they divulge the secrets to their successful event! Discover why you don’t want to miss out on the NEXT Mortgage Note Lab©.

MNL© is held four times a year, with registration exclusively on Eventbrite or through their registration line (855) 541 6683 with the intent on breaking down the highs and lows of investing in 1st position performing and non-performing mortgages. This class is used as a supplemental training ground for current members, an effective place to raise “OPM” for seasoned note investors or simply a safe place for newbies to get the TRUTH about the nuances of the industry.

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