Season 2 – Episode 15 – Generational Wealth with Dr. Teresa Martin

What is Generational Wealth? Imagine being able to not only provide for you and your family but being able to leave a legacy for several generations to come. Today’s guest, Dr. Teresa Martin, and The Note Assistance Program(™) have set out to help 5,000 families in 5 years create that type of wealth for themselves and their families. Dr. Martin is a Foreclose and Bankruptcy Defense attorney, meaning she helps the borrower fight the banks! That may not seem like the best fit for the Naked Notes© podcast but you will hear how she has come to see what communities like #NAPNation are doing to be better Banks and how we can work together to find win-win scenarios for both sides. In addition to being an attorney, Dr. Martin owns and operates the Real Estate Investors Association NYC AND is a lobbyist for change on all matters related to investors. Hear her take on what is happening to landlords in New York City and what is surely headed to California and other states in the coming months/years. You will not want to miss this information packed episode! Sit back, relax, and find common ground on Episode 15 of the Naked Notes© Podcast.

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