Season 2 – Episode 5 – 5 Tips to Avoid a Scam in the Note Industry

Notes are a SCAM!! Well, if you read some of the blogs out there recently you may think just that. It would be easy for us to all bury our heads in the sand and pretend that this isn’t going on but here on the Naked Notes© podcast we are all about sharing the honest, unfiltered, and naked truth about all sides of real estate note investing. This week, Jasmine and Natosha discuss the 5 ways you can protect yourself from being involved in a possible scam when investing in notes. There is no magic formula that is going to protect you 100% of the time but there are some things you can do upfront that can help to eliminate most of the pitfalls you may come across. Let the ladies of the Note Assistance Program(™) be your guide on this note journey as we explore the not so pretty side of mortgage notes

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