Season 2 – Episode 8 – Member Spotlight – Gina Anson

It takes a village unless of course you want to be a successful real estate note Investor then it takes the #NAPNATION.  Join the #nakednotes ladies as they host another MEMBER spotlight that documents the note struggle and how the #NAPNATION sticks together. This episode of Naked Notes© gets intimate with one of the many women of The Note Assistance Program(™) and recaps the NAPs most recent noteTASTIC trip to Boise, ID! Listen as Jasmine R Willois and Natosha Navarro interview a newbie note investor who overcame all odds to find OPM, harness her inner individuality and buy 3 non-performing notes right out the gate! Take the journey to BOISE, ID and see what it means to have a community that truly has your BACK and is vested in your financial success.  It’s time someone speaks the truth about what this NOTE game is all about!

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