How many heirs would scare you away in a probate case? On this Episode of The Naked Notes podcast our Member Spotlight focuses on our superstar in the Colorado, Christy B. She and her partner purchased a note with TEN heirs on a probate that had occurred several years before with no foreclosure completed. As this was her first note she had a lot of learning to do but trusted the advice of the coveted #NAPNation black book resources and was able to get through the deal in no time and be on her way to making a great return. Listen as she tells Jasmine and Natosha about her apprehensions going into the deal and her eagerness to get into many more. This is one you will not want to miss so sit back, relax, and take note of the ups and downs of a true mortgage note investor. 

Season 3 – Episode 6 – Probate – Member Spotlight

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