Season 5 Episode 16 – Due Diligence – Skip Tracing

An investor’s speed, accuracy, and confidence in due diligence are imperative in the mortgage note investing arena. The average investor has access to the same inventory as their competitors in this market. EXCLUSIVE tapes are rare and only offered to those who can take the entire pool down. When investing in the secondary mortgage market making RIGHT PERSON CONTACT is key to one’s workout strategy. Listen in as the Naked Notes Ladies mingle with Cory Holton of IDI Data a publically traded firm that operates in the data fusion space! You can connect with Cory via his website for more information on how his tool can help you become more competitive with your bids.

Join the ladies on their mission to Let NO retirement account go UNDERFUNDED, by taking the proper precautions and listening to this episode. This podcast was built to build stronger individual investors of our favorite vehicle mortgage notes!

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