Season 5 – Episode 19 – Mindset of a HEALTHY & SUCCESSFUL Mortgage Note Investor

Can you handle the TRUTH about where you need to be mentally to play the note game with the big BANKS and HEDGE FUNDS? Nadine McAuliffe resident Aussie of the #NAPNATION and leader of the Naked Notes Podcast expat mafia discusses what she needed to do to adjust her mindset as an international investor seeking success in the secondary mortgage industry. Pay attention as the Naked Note Ladies get personal about the things they needed to strip down in order to build up the resilience needed to note!

Join the ladies on their mission to Let NO retirement account go UNDERFUNDED, by taking the proper precautions and listening to this episode. This podcast was built to build stronger individual investors of our favorite vehicle mortgage notes!

The Naked Notes Podcast © is brought to you by The Note Assistance Program(™) and is an educational podcast built to supplement the education and experiences novice note investors have throughout their note life. Join the movement to leave NO retirement account UNDERFUNDED! Contact the ladies at 855 541 6683