Season 6 – Episode 4 – Meet Quest Trust Preferred Vendor

Need money to invest in your next mortgage note venture? Then you can’t afford to pass this episode. Our special guest in this episode is also our SEASON 6 sponsor QUEST TRUST COMPANY! Affectionately called, “Alternative Investment Central” within the #NAPNATION, this firm is pivotal to your success as an investor.

In this episode learn to access hidden cash reserves that can be used to accelerate your financial goals. Derreck Long graces us with his presence and knowledge on kickstarting your financial freedom. According to CNBC, there are over 4Trillion dollars on the sidelines, taking time out from Wall Street. These dollars are seeking alternative investments and finding a home with firms like QUEST!

Raising capital for your next note purchase has never been so easy when you have the right resources in your corner. 60% of the #NAPNATION community invest with SDIRA funds, this statistic acts as the catalyst for this episode. To join the community check out and find out where the next public meeting will be held, virtually and in person. For more information on the meetings go to the meetup page

Join the ladies on their mission to Let NO retirement account go UNDERFUNDED, by taking the proper precautions and listening to this episode. This podcast was built to build stronger individual investors of our favorite vehicle mortgage notes!

The Naked Notes Podcast © is brought to you by Quest Trust Company a leading resource for investors looking to roll over old IRAs or 401ks. ( The Note Assistance Program(™) and is an educational podcast built to supplement the education and experiences novice note investors have throughout their note life. Join the movement to leave NO retirement account UNDERFUNDED! Contact the ladies at 855 541 6683