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I’m sitting here today at a Starbucks in downtown Los Angeles waiting to meet up with a friend. I had to drive 90 minutes this morning in traffic to come here, but the greatest thing about that drive was that it was a drive of choice. I was looking at all of the people on the road heading to jobs they probably dislike and feeling sorry for them that they HAVE to do this each and every day. I realize not everyone has the same goals when it comes to Noting, but for me I wanted to give myself time and financial freedom. I wanted to choose the meetings I attended and the people I surround myself with daily. I am happy to say that my days are now structured for me by me. I can sit in a “Starbucks” anywhere in the world and run my business. I can take calls, answer emails, coach, coordinate attorneys and servicers, build up my portfolio, and make money from anywhere! That is pretty dang cool, if you ask me. However, remember from my first article that it took me 9 months to buy my first note and I had very little money to do so. What I didn’t say it what I did for those 9 months. Was I just sitting there hoping for someone to hand me more money? Was I half-a$$ing my due diligence? Well, the honest answer is… yes.

I wasn’t necessarily hoping someone would hand me more money, but I surely was hoping that Jasmine was going to magically bring me a joint venture partner who would make it all better. What I WASN’T doing was taking advantage of NETWORKING! This business is so reliant on relationships and it is almost impossible to create genuine connections with people if you aren’t taking advantage of the various events we offer. My business really started to take off when I began showing up to the lunch-n-learns, the note labs, the socials, the sub-groups, etc. I realize not everyone is local, but that is no excuse to not network.

I realize not everyone is local, but that is no excuse to not network.

Go to your local real estate club or a networking event. There are an endless supply of groups and events to attend each month in just about every part of the country. I promise you that persistence pays off in this industry. We are tapped into something that 98% of the world knows nothing about and probably 75% of real estate investors have never even heard of. What a freakin’ opportunity we all have! Whatever you goal is for yourself and your family just know that it is so much closer than you think. You got this!