Season 4 – Episode 11 – Capturing Projected Profits

Do you want to ensure you get every ounce of profit you can out of your deals? On today’s episode of The Naked Notes podcast, Jasmine and Natosha break down how you can ensure that you not only maximize your projected profits but how you can possibly increase your profits! In mortgage notes, there are… Read more »

Season 4 – Episode 9 – TSP (Thrift Savings Plan) with Belinda Savage

Did you know you can utilize ALL retirement accounts to invest in notes? Even the military and federal government employee retirement plan, TSP! On today’s episode, Ms. Belinda Savage explains how you can roll over your retirement and take control of your investments. The ladies of The Note Assistance Program are proud supports of the… Read more »

Season 4 – Episode 8 – Science Behind Notes Part II

The Science Behind Notes – Part II! The last time the ladies gave you a data filled episode was in Season 1 on Episode 12. A lot has changed in the world since then so Jasmine and Natosha felt it was time to give you an update on the state of the market. From the… Read more »

Season 4 – Episode 7 – How to Determine a Quality Asset

How do you determine a quality asset? That is a loaded question that the ladies of The Note Assistance Program break down for you on today’s episode. Although there’s no such thing as a “bad” note, every investor has different criteria on what they want and need out of a deal. Jasmine and Natosha give… Read more »

Season 4 – Episode 4 – What to do while you wait for collateral!

What are things you can do while you wait for your collateral file and assignments? This is a question that Jasmine and Natosha get from just about everyone who goes through The Note Assistance Program hands-on-training. Contrary to belief, you can get quite a bit done prior to receiving your file and in some instances… Read more »

Season 4 – Episode 3 – 5 Different Types of Mortgage Institutions

What are the 5 different types of mortgage institutions? The ladies of The Note Assistance Program not only break down the various types but also let you know which ones they like to buy from. Jasmine and Natosha promised you that Season 4 would be filled with advanced topics that you can’t afford to miss… Read more »

Season 4 – Episode 2 – Acquiring Rentals vs Acquiring Notes

Acquiring Rentals vs Acquiring Notes; this topic is highly relevant to today’s ever changing market as investors look for a place to put their money. The ladies of The Note Assistance Program break down, in detail, the difference in pricing, time frames, profits, and legalities of purchasing these two cash flowing assets. Jasmine and Natosha… Read more »