Season 5 – Episode 17 – Profiting from Mortgage Notes

Welcome to the podcast that makes you PROFIT from 1st position mortgage notes. This episode walks you through 4 recent examples of utilized exit strategies the #NAPNATION employs to successfully exit their positions. Get ready to be WOW’d with the truth behind how many banks, and sophisticated investors cash in on non-performing notes. Nadine dives… Read more »

Season 5 Episode 16 – Due Diligence – Skip Tracing

An investor’s speed, accuracy, and confidence in due diligence are imperative in the mortgage note investing arena. The average investor has access to the same inventory as their competitors in this market. EXCLUSIVE tapes are rare and only offered to those who can take the entire pool down. When investing in the secondary mortgage market… Read more »

Season 5 Episode 15 – 10 reasons NOT to invest in mortgage notes!

Mortgage note investing is NOT for everyone. This Naked Notes Podcast © discusses real world reasons why one should NOT invest in mortgage notes. Jasmine and Nadine polled the #NAPNATION to get the dirt on the struggles that would keep the average investor away from the secondary mortgage market and then brought them to you!… Read more »

Season 5 – Episode 13 – Interview with the President

Get to know the fearless leader of the #NAPNATION, also known as the President of The Note Assistance Program(™) community, Ms. Jasmine R. Willois will be interviewed by Nadine McAuliffe the co-host from Australia. Get intimate with Jasmine as she talks about what motivates her and where she gets her energy to tackle the bank… Read more »

Season 5 – Episode 12 – Procrastination in the Note Game

What does avoidance behavior look like in the mortgage note game? Where does it come from? Procrastination infiltrates us all sooner or later. As part of the The Note Assistance Program(™) community, it takes on a whole new form. Too much inventory, note envy, friendly competition, FOMO and more. Tune into a fun episode where… Read more »

Season 5 Episode 11 -Tax Liens 1st Position Mortgages

Welcome to the Naked Notes Podcast(™) today’s topic… Tax liens with regard to 1st position mortgage notes. Armed with the right knowledge a mortgage note investor can use tax liens to their advantage. Tune into the fastest growing podcast on mortgage note investing and learn what tax liens to fear and which ones to monitor…. Read more »